Who Is Patrick Pilewski ?

Patrick Pilewski is the founder of 78 Brand and Lobi Space. A serial-entrepreneur with diverse business experience, he was raised in Chicago, and went on to study business and finance, though he soon realized that his passions were leading him toward the fulfillment of his own business objectives.

He left school—but not learning—behind, nurturing a growing passion for creative strategy and marketing. In pursuit of constantly perfecting his skills as a leader and an entrepreneur he went on to complete a “Digital Strategies in Business” program from Columbia Business School and “Entrepreneurship” from Harvard Business School – Executive Education 

Patrick’s talent for building businesses is based on his innate ability to recognize opportunity and implement creative strategies with the right marketing plan. Fueled by an ambition to create business ventures with global reach and unafraid to challenge the status quo, he set his sights on developing initiatives that would provide great value for people and prosperity for the companies behind them.

His early career saw him deeply involved in the real estate industry in Chicago. During this time, he was instrumental in promoting and growing several successful companies to great success, leveraging creative marketing plans that he personally developed and whose implementation he oversaw.

In 2008, he left the real estate industry and was hired by a legal firm to support their expansion, putting a go-to-market strategy in place, designing and deploying a marketing plan that led to the firm’s rapid growth. Under Patrick’s direction, the firm quickly grew from a staff of four to one of 26 with six full-time attorneys. Having established three offices in Chicago, they went on to serve more than 9,000 clients in less than four years.

In 2014, Patrick funded and launched a lifelong dream: a 50-office incubator in Chicago called Lobi Space; a turnkey office platform designed to support entrepreneurs with affordable office space and key resources to help them grow.

But in spite of all of his post-college success, it was Patrick’s experience in and passion for the food industry during school that shaped his current trajectory. During this time, he had occasion to manage several bars and restaurants and simply fell in love with the people, with food, and with all the challenges that are par for the course in hospitality.

Ultimately, it was the combination of these two influences—food and creative entrepreneurship—that brought him to where he is today.

Having launched his first company in 2002, starting 78 Brand was a logical next step. Patrick and his partner launched the brand in 2012 and their first product, 78 Ketchup, in 2013: a gluten-free, non-GMO product made from all-natural ingredients. Currently, the company offers four SKUs under the 78 Brand imprint with plans to develop more as the market dictates.

Nolan Patrick Pilewski

A father to Nolan Pilewski and a husband to Dr. Nazli Bavani – Pilewski , Patrick is also a man of many interests. If he wasn’t building a new business of his own or identifying key strategies that solve world problems, you might find Patrick traveling, dreaming up ways to change the world for the better, bringing people together, and helping them achieve the kind of success they dream about.